How did the museum started ? 
It all started with
the Scouting Museum Haagse Randstad  that was founded in 1987 to preserve a piece of the Scouting heritage and to show what has been done and what is still being done in the field of Scouting. 

Since its establishment, the museum has had an extensive collection of historical, but also contemporary Scouting objects and photos in management. It shows how the association has evolved from a set of "Boy Scouts" to the  todays Scouts.

The management is complete done by volunteers,  Registering / repairing gifts, guided tours during exhibitions etc.

> What do you see during a visit to the museum?

When you visit the Scouting Museum you go on a treasure hunt through the time of more than 100 years of Scouting at home and abroad. Founded by Lord Baden Powell in 1907 and become the largest youth and youth movement around the world.

> Looking for your grandfather or grandmother at a camp?  

The Scouting Museum has a large collection of photos from the old box. From both boy and girl groups. Nice to see them again, to look for friends on photos at activities, etc. You always hear the ohs and ahs, or am I that ?? !!

Do you ever want to see how your grandfather or grandmother camped during the world jamboree in 1937? Then come and have a look at the many books, logs, magazines and camping materials

We, the Traveling Scouting Museum, invite you to come and take a look. You are very welcome, alone, or with family and / or friends or with your scouting group.

> Where do you find us?
At large Scouting activities, among other events, great or small.
On a regular base, in our depot in Oosterhout.

Our communication is via:
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And you can find us on Facebook 

Saturday 25 May 2024