Who are the people behind the museum? Where do they come from and how did they get involved?

The museum has a foundation board and it includes: 

Wouter de Jonge Culemborg Chairman In office since spring 2008 and now also chairman of the foundation Dutch Scouting Museums. Also active within Region Rivierenland as a trainer.

Marisca de Jonge-Kamperman Culemborg Secretariat-PR-Communication Active in office since spring 2008. Member of EOS / St.-Hubertus group in Terneuzen.

Nan Boudewijns Oosterhout Treasurer Has a lot of regional and international Scouting experience.

Ed de Leur Den Haag Materials Management-Logistics One of the people from the first hour of the museum. He is an avid collector, trainer at the Vlietstreek region and a member of a Rijswijk Scouting group.

Willy Limbosch Odijk Board Member Has earned her spurs in various positions at local, regional, national and International level within Scouting

Jolanda Bollebakker Blaricum Board Member Member of the Maggie Lekeux Scouting group in Laren-Eemnes and the NVVSO- collectors group, and also a National volunteer within Scouting.

Etienne Chambille Maastricht Board Member  Is familiar with Scouting at Local, National, International level, now working for Scouting in various organizational units

> People from the scouting museum board are recognizable by the burgundy red ties, gold-colored piping and logo on the back of the tie.

Volunteers museum:

In addition to the board, there is also an active group of volunteers working for the museum. People who register gifts, maintain and help set up tents for exhibitions, and much more.
They regularly come to the depot in Oosterhout to do all this work and are a great support for the museum. Do you want to help? Welcome.

>Those volenteers  are recognizable during activities by the burgundy ties with the logo on the back

There are also many friends of the museum who on call often lend a helping hand when activities are planned. 

Monday 22 July 2024